Great looking, functional, superior quality tonneau cover. Thanks to its superior quality aluminium panel construction, special spring system and secure locking system it provides strong and reliable closing function to your vehicle.


We have special version of Roll-On for the models Ford Ranger T6 and VW Amarok with the manufacturers original roll bar .With its special fitting kits it provides easy and fast installation of the original roll bar with Roll-On on to the vehicle without any operation.

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The system is manufactured from aluminum shutter panel, side rail system, main collection box, spring mechanism, water drain system and locking mechanism.

All aluminum parts used on the system are produced with electro statically painted extruded aluminum.

Aluminum Shutter Panel: It is composed of 35-40 interlocking pieces of 40 mm. width extruded aluminum, 120 mm. wide main locking panel which is hidden on the shutter.

Side Rail System: The rail system is combination of PVC profiles which provides easy slipping in, dust brushes preventing dust entering into, water channels for water evacuation, and side lock mechanism which provides stops when opening.

Main Collection Box: Composed of 18,5 cm x 18,5 cm aluminum box and the product rear panel. The main spring system, water drain tank is located in the main collection box. On the rear panel to prevent dust entrance dust brushes are used.

Spring Mechanism: The spring mechanism is implemented across the broad coast of into 45 mm. diameter pipe which is located in the middle of the main collection box. Providing long service life, since it is applied broad coast.

Water Drain System: Water is collected in the water drain box and thrown out from the drain pipe which is connected to the drain hole of the car.

Locking System: Main lock and open –close stop locks are hidden within the box and the side rail system on the product. Since they are hidden there is no risk of deterioration from the external factors


Practical & easy installation

  • The spring system is implemented along the product, so no need to implement the spring system before installation.
  • Thanks to the smaller size of the main collection box no cutting operation is needed during installation for most of the bed liners exist on the car.

Large loading space

  • The size of the main collection box is nearly half of the competitive products, which provides large loading space compared with other products.

Durable Structure

  • All locking systems used on the product is hidden on the product so there is no risk of deterioration of the locking system from the external factors.
  • First class raw material is used on the product to provide long lasting and durable structure.

Practical and gradual opening system

  • The opening system is made in two steps thanks to the stop-open locking system applied on the product. 



I.Disclaimer for Voyager Products

Product is designed to be sold as shutdown system for the rear chassis of the pick up group of vehicles.  The product is composed of interlocking aluminum panels which is opened and closed with a special spring system.

II.Care & Cleaning

Care and Cleaning Guidelines

  • Rinse the product in order to remove the dirt and dusts stuck on the surface with warm water.
  • Use a soft, dampened sponge or cloth to clean. Never use abrasive material like a bristle brush or scouring pad.
  • The preferred cleaner is one that does not contain chlorine, such as acetone, methyl alcohol, and mineral spirits. Use neutral cleaner cleaners compounded from phosphates, alkalis such as liquid soaps and mild detergent.
  • Do not allow cleaners to sit or soak on the product.
  • Always test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area on the product before applying it to the entire surface. These can be used with warm water, bristle brushes, sponges, or clean cloths.
  • Rinse the surface completely with water immediately after applying cleaners and than dry it by wiping with soft cloths to prevent streaking. Special care should be taken to remove any traces of cleaner from edges and joins
  • Be cautious about using chemical solvents, caustic or abrasive cleaners (scouring powders, steel wool, abrasive polishes, etc.) as they may permanently scratch aluminum; painted or anodized aluminum surfaces will be permanently damaged. Test solvent first if the aluminum is painted to be sure it doesn't also remove the paint
  • Do not use a metal scraper or abrasive pad. Excessive abrasive rubbing should not be used since it could damage the surface.
  • Cleaning hot, sun-heated surfaces should be avoided since possible chemical reactions will be highly accelerated and cleaning non-uniformity could occur.


  • Opening and closing the product very hard may result with loosening product screws and distortion of the product settings. Pull rope must be used when opening and be controlled when closing the shutter panel.
  • When the product is overloaded or climbed on aluminum panels can be deflected. So overload on and climb on the product is not recommended.
  • It is recommended to control the water drainage at the top of the box at regular intervals which will prevent the causes that led to clogging over time.
  • The side rails on the product, the key part of the locking mechanism and the arm should be lubricated periodically. Otherwise, it will get difficult to open and close the system resulted from the accumulated dust occur in these parts of the product in time.

III. Transportation & Handling

  • The products should be delivered with their original packaging. Although the packages are prepared with high resistant raw materials handling and transportation of the products should be made in careful. They should not be thrown quickly, bump to each other.
  • The products should be submitted after the package has been opened and checked. If there is any bend, scratch or any of damage on the product damage report should be prepared with the responsible person from the transporter company and than they should be submitted.
  • The damages during handling or transportation are not covered.

IV. Installation

Installation should be made according to installation manual.

Installation Cautions

  • Installation of the product is completed in two steps. In the first step main collection box is mounted in the front part of the vehicle chassis. The main box is placed as the top-level box at the level of upper part of the vehicle chassis. In the second step side rail system is mounted on the side part of the rear chassis of the vehicle. When mounting the side rail system, be sure that the carriage facing up or down. Otherwise, the channel become narrow prevents smooth movement of the system.
  • After the installation is completed and the box cover mounted on the product, it is recommended to lubricate the interior of the side rail system in order to provide easy movement. It is recommended to apply silicone (mastic) to the junction part where the product and the rear chassis connected, after checking if the door and locking mechanisms are working properly to prevent the passage of water. After this application, the main box cover is screwed in place.